The Best All-Terrain Electric Skateboards

Electric skateboards aren’t just confined to the streets. There are several models of electric skateboards with all-terrain wheels (and even bindings!) that let you carve off-road.

Kaly.NYC XL 2.0

Kaly.NYC XL 2.0 all-terrain electric skateboard

One of the newest offers from Kaly.NYC is the XL 2.0, which is a monster of a board. It features 8 inch pneumatic tires and 700 Wh of battery capacity for a range of 23 miles.

Though it doesn’t have bindings, its a great option for mild trails and rough city roads (I’m looking at you New York City).

Basic Specs
Price$ 2650
Maximum Range 23 mi
Kaly.NYC XL 2.0 Full Specifications

MetroboardX with All Terrain Tires

The MetroboardX comes with the option to swap street tires to AT tires. This makes the board a formidable and flexible option for both smooth cruising and off-road fun.

With the AT tires, you can expect to hit a 23 mph top speed with 20 miles of range.

Basic Specs
Price$ 2499
Top Speed 26 mph
Maximum Range 15 mi
Weight 29 lbs
MetroboardX Full Specifications

LaCriox Jaws

all-terrain electric skateboard

The LaCroix Jaws is brand new from the Canadian high-end e-board maker. It features a top speed of 30 mph and range of 24 mph. The Jaws board also features the Enertion Focbox Unity for reliable motor control and customization.

Basic Specs
Price$ 2499
Top Speed 30 mph
Maximum Range 24 mi
Weight 26 lbs
LaCroix Jaws Full Specifications

Backfire Ranger X1

The Backfire Ranger X1 is one of the few hub-motor all-terrain electric skateboards on the market. Built by budget-maker Backfire, the Ranger X1 features a top speed of 22 mph and range of 21 mph.

Basic Specs
Price$ 999
Top Speed 22 mph
Maximum Range 21 mi
Maximum Hill Grade 30 %
Backfire Ranger X1 Full Specifications

Ownboard Carbon AT

The Ownboard Carbon AT is a new entrant to the all-terrain game. Able to hit a top speed of 24 miles an hour with a 19 mile range, the Ownboard Carbon AT features a unique honeycomb rubber wheel structure to keep you from getting a flat tire.

Basic Specs
Price$ 1399
Top Speed 24 mph
Maximum Range 19 mi
Maximum Hill Grade 30 %
Weight 24 lbs
Ownboard Carbon AT Full Specifications

Want to see the whole lineup of all-terrain electric skateboards? You can browse through the entire database of all-terrain e-boards on our website, or simply filter by the “pneumatic” and “rubber” wheel types.