Metroboard Dual Drive Stealth

The 41″ Metroboard Dual Drive Stealth edition is one of the most powerful pre-built boards available. With 6000 watts of power, the Metroboard Dual Stealth will power up any hill you can find.

However, this power comes with a tradeoff: the board is extremely large and heavy, despite the “Stealth” moniker. But, if you’re looking for a board that doesn’t compromise in power and range, then the Metroboard should be your pick.

Metroboard Dual Drive Stealth Specifications

Basic Specs
Price $ 1799
Top Speed 24 mph
Maximum Range 25 mi
Weight 24 lbs
Wattage 396 Wh
Motors 2
Drivetrain Belt Driven, Geared
Motor Configuration Dual, Diagonal
Peak Wattage 6000 watts
Average Wattage 1200 watts
Deck Length 41 inches
Deck Type Longboard
Deck Style Standard
Deck Flexibility Completely Rigid
Kicktail No
Wheel Size 97 mm
Wheel Type Polyurethane
Wheel Brand Abec-11
Durometer 75a
Speed Controller Custom Speed Controller
Regenerative Braking Yes
Dynamic Braking No
Handheld Yes
Wireless 2.4 GHz
Trucks Reverse Kingpin
Assembled In United States