Riptide R1 Elite

The Riptide R1 Elite is the bigger brother of the Riptide R1.

Like its sibling, the R1 Elite comes fromĀ Eric Birkemeier, the founder of ShredLights electric skateboard lights. The shorter board is designed to be a commuter board for students and adults alike, with integrated carrying handles and a low weight. The Riptide also is much more affordable, while retaining the power and top speed of other brands like Boosted.

Riptide R1 Elite Specifications

Basic Specs
Price $ 899
Top Speed 20 mph
Maximum Range 8 mi
Weight 14 lbs
Charge Time 210 minutes
Motors 2
Drivetrain Belt Driven, Geared
Motor Configuration Dual, Rear
Peak Wattage 1800 watts
Deck Length 31 inches
Deck Type Skateboard
Deck Style Standard
Deck Material Other Wood
Deck Flexibility Completely Rigid
Kicktail Yes
Wheel Size 90 mm
Wheel Type Polyurethane
Durometer 75a
Speed Controller Custom Speed Controller
Regenerative Braking Yes
Dynamic Braking No
Handheld Yes
Wireless 2.4 GHz
Trucks Reverse Kingpin