4 Days Remaining on Riptide R1 Indiegogo Campaign

The Riptide R1 is an affordable electric skateboard from Eric Birkemeier, the founder of ShredLights. The R1 launched on Indiegogo on August 30th, and is in its final ours of the crowdfunding campaign.

Though the R1 is significantly cheaper than other boards like the Boosted Board v2 Dual, it still manages to pack quite a bit of power into its compact deck. Both the R1 and more expensive R1 Elite models pack 1800w peak power into a 31″ deck with integrated handles, and being from the founder of ShredLights, both boards have integrated head- and tail-lights.

If you’re interested in the R1 or R1 Elite, the Indiegogo campaign is almost over. Snag the R1 for the pre-order price of $499 (MSRP $749) and the R1 Elite for $599 (MSRP $899), with both slated to ship in January 2018. As with any crowdfunding campaign, this date is not guaranteed and all backers should be cautious with their expectations, though Eric has a history of creating consumer electric skateboarding products and following up with greater customer service.