Boosted Board Dual+ (2nd Gen)

The Boosted Board Dual+ (2nd Gen) is one of the most polished electric skateboards you can buy. With both hardware and software that is smooth and reliable, Boosted has improved upon their first generation boards and has generally made the best electric skateboard on the market for most consumers.

The Boosted Board Dual+ (2nd Gen) has a top speed of 22 mph, a maximum range of 7 miles, and can climb hills with a 25 hill grade. Though spec-wise the Boosted Board Dual+ (2nd Gen) might not be at the top of the pack, it remains one of the best electric skateboards for its reliability, polish, and Boosted’s fantastic customer service.

Over the non-plus model, this board gains an addition 2 mph to its top speed and 500 watts of extra power. If you’re looking for hill climbing ability or the little bit of extra thrill from the increased acceleration the plus-exclusive “Pro” mode provides, the Dual+ is worth the extra cash over the non-plus variant.



Many skate tools are too thick to reach the bolts that mount the rear trucks to the board. There are a couple options for skate tools that are thin enough to fit between the motors and trucks:


Boosted Boards uses a size 225-3M-15 belts. Size 225-3MGT-15 belts also fit, and are slightly stronger. You can purchase belts that fit the Boosted Board from several places:

If you do not purchase a belt kit from Boosted directly, you will need a 3mm hex wrench and a 1/2″ socket (which should be present on any skate tool).


One popular solution for mounting lights directly to the board is from Shredlights. Shredlights provides mounting plates and removable lights for both the front and back of the board. Shredlights recently announced a new bracket that allows you to mount the rear Shredlights underneath the board.

Basic Specs
Price $ 1499
Top Speed 22 mph
Maximum Range 7 mi
Maximum Hill Grade 25 %
Weight 14.7 lbs
Wattage 99 WH
Motors 2
Drivetrain Belt Driven, Geared
Motor Configuration Dual, Rear
Peak Wattage 2000 watts
Deck Length 38 inches
Deck Type Longboard
Deck Style Standard
Deck Material Bamboo
Deck Flexibility Flexible
Kicktail No
Truck Mounting Top Mount
Wheel Size 80 mm
Wheel Type Polyurethane
Wheel Brand Orangatang Kegel
Regenerative Braking Yes
Dynamic Braking No
Handheld Yes
Wireless Bluetooth
Trucks Reverse Kingpin