Top 4 Handheld Flashlights for Nighttime Riding

Electric skateboarding doesn’t have to be just a daytime activity, but you must take precautions if you want to skate at night. One of the best ways to stay visible, and be able to see where you’re going, is to use compact handheld flashlights.

One common question is, “why use a handheld flashlight instead of a light on your board?” Lights built into your skateboard or mounted on it directly are very low to the ground and generally provide limited visibility ahead of you. Additionally, it’s sometimes hard for cars to see the lights on your board due to their low position. I strongly recommend either a headlamp or handheld flashlight in addition to flashing board mounted lights.

Armytek Elf C2 XP-L

The Armytek Elf C2 XP-L is a durable handheld flashlight with 1050 lumens of output via a warm white or regular white LED. It’s designed to be durable so that it’ll keep on working if you take a spill with it.

This flashlight uses a re-chargeable Lithium Ion 18650 battery and can be charged via Micro USB.

Prices start at $65.

Zebralight SC64c LE 18650

Many people use Zebralight for their high quality flashlights, and the SC64c LE is no exception. It has a max output of 828 lumens and several brightness levels, which is great for adjusting the light during your ride to avoid blinding others.

Like the Armytech Elf C2 XP-L, this Zebralight uses a Li-Ion 18650 cell and is re-chargeable.

Prices start at $79.

Emisar D4V2

The Emisar D4V2 is an ultra-high output flashlight made out of aluminum with many different options for LEDs. It, by default, takes Li-Ion 18650 batteries but also has options for 18500 or 18350 batteries, as well as different color temperatures. It’s also IP67 water and dust resistant.

A warning, however, is that the Emisar does get warm from use because it’s so high output.

Prices start at $45.

ThruNite TN12

The ThruNite TN12 is a highly recommended flashlight with 1100 lumen output. It has a dual switch design, meaning one button controls the on-off state and another controls the brightness and strobe functionality.

This flashlight takes one 18650 re-chargeable Li-Ion battery or two CR123A batteries. The body is made of aircraft grade aluminum.

Prices start at $50.