CARVON completed a successful Kickstarter campaign to fund the development of the EVO 4WD board. The EVO 4WD is a beast of a board, with 3000 watts of combined power and a top speed of over 30 mph.

The EVO 4WD differs from the 2WD variant in that it incorporates a unique “X-Motor” system in the rear wheels. The “X-Motor” is actually a single physical motor connected to both the rear wheels. The wheels are attached with one-way bearings, meaning that they can spin faster than the motor output. This is important because when a skateboard turns, the outside wheels turn faster than the inside wheels. Additionally, this allows for the EVO 4WD to use the “X-Motor” for added torque, and switch over to the dual direct-drive wheels at top speed without the “X-Motor” holding the system back.

CARVON EVO 4WD Specifications

Basic Specs
Price $ 1999
Top Speed 30 mph
Maximum Range 20 mi
Maximum Hill Grade 25 %
Motors 3
Drivetrain Direct Drive
Motor Configuration Other
Peak Wattage 3000 watts
Deck Type Longboard
Deck Style Dropped Deck
Deck Material Carbon Fiber
Kicktail No
Truck Mounting Top Mount
Wheel Size 90 mm
Wheel Type Polyurethane
Wheel Brand Abec
Speed Controller Custom Speed Controller
Regenerative Braking Yes
Dynamic Braking No
Handheld Yes
Trucks Reverse Kingpin