Evolve Remote Firmware Update Available for All GT-Series Customers

Along with their new Bamboo GTX skateboard, Evolve announced that they have a new remote firmware update available for GT-series board owners. Though the new firmware ships with all new boards, existing customers have to send their remote in for service to have the firmware update applied.

The new firmware makes several changes:

  • The remote will force the board into Eco mode to prevent damage when the battery level gets to 5%, rather than at 20% previously
  • Reverse is removed
  • Safe mode, which engages when there is a long signal interruption of 2 seconds or more. Safe mode enforces gentle acceleration and braking, and can be turned back off by hitting the speed change button.
  • Fixes for screen freezing
  • A new font is used on the display

Evolve expects the turnaround time for a remote firmware upgrade to be 2 days, and Evolve will Express Post the remote back to you at no charge.