Juiced Indiegogo Campaign Ends with a Surprise

The Juiced Boards Indiegogo campaign ended recently, but the team wasn’t out of surprises– they recently¬†revealed several upgrades to their boards that mark significant improvements over the preproduction models they’ve shown off during their campaign.

Both the Juiced Single and Juiced Dual boards are getting motor upgrades so that increased torque is available. Juiced revealed that their Single board is now as powerful as the preproduction Dual model, with the Dual now sporting double the power it did previously.

This means a couple things: first, your Juiced Board– regardless which model– will now accelerate faster. Second, more braking power is available so that you can come to a stop more quickly and safely. The Dual is said to have 30% increased braking power.

With this increase in power came a couple of other small tidbits of news– their remote now has a clasp and longer wrist strap, which makes it easier for those with larger wrists to use the strap. Additionally, Juiced is sending all backers a second charger for free.

Unfortunately, Juiced also announced a slight shipping delay, pushing back the first shipments to August 15th.