5 Best Electric Skateboard Backpacks For Carrying Your Board

Sometimes you don’t want to carry your electric skateboard long distances by hand, and a board backpack can make it much easier to do so. With a board backpack, you also have the flexibility to carry your board to work during a rainy morning and still ride it back home when it’s sunnier in the evening. There are several options for electric skateboard backpacks that can carry a 15 lb+ longboard:

Burton Day Hiker Pro 28L

One secret to keep in mind when you look for a board backpack is that snowboard backpacks usually work pretty well. Burton, a well-known snowboard equipment brand, has a wide variety of snowboard backpacks that work well. The Day Hiker Pro 28L is one such example, with a wide variety of colors, ample room for other gear like wrist guards and knee pads, and a vertical board carry system.

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Burton also makes a Women’s variant of the bag, which has a slightly smaller carrying capacity and a different set of designs.

Dakine Mission 25L

The Dakine Mission 25L is a great backpack that has a board carry system similar to Burton. This is the bag I personally have to carry my Boosted Board Dual+ (2nd Gen). Like Burton, Dakine has several designs to choose from so that your bag looks unique. The Dakine Mission 25L has a padded laptop compartment and water bottle holder, though the organizational section has pouches that are a little on the small side.

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Obed Longboard Bag

The Obed Longboard Bag is a fairly distinct and popular option to carry both regular and electric longboards. It comes in two colors and with several logo options options.

You can buy the Obed Longboard bag direct from the manufacturer.

Unity Skateboard Backpack

The Unity Skateboard backpack is a slightly smaller alternative to the larger Burton and Dakine bags. It supports skateboards up to 15 lbs, so it’s not designed for the heavier boards like the Evolve Bamboo GT. However, with boards like the Boosted Board Dual+ (2nd Gen) that come in just under the 15 lb limit, the Unity Skateboard Backpack will work just fine.

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Evolve Backpack

For Bamboo GT or Carbon GT owners (or, proud Bamboo GTX early adopters), Evolve offers a branded skateboard backpack designed to hold their boards. It has standard features like a water bottle pouch (though, theirs is insulated), and reflective logos so cars can see you at night.

You can order the Evolve Backpack directly from their web store.