Loaded Boards Entering the Electric Skateboard Market

In a sneak peak sent to their email newsletter subscribers, Loaded Boards announced that they will unveil a new partnership on July 9th. This partnership is with an electric skateboard brand to produce a Loaded electric skateboard.

Loaded described the board as having Paris trucks, a Loaded board, and Orangutang wheels, along with “cutting-edge battery and motor technology”.

This partnership appears to be with a company called Ride Unlimited, who produces a semi-modular hub motor drive system that you can attach to any board (similar to the Onan booster series). Like Loaded, Ride Unlimited is teasing an announcement for July 9th.

How do we know the partnership is between Loaded and Ride Unlimited? They’re already showing off the board at Santa Monica Pier in California:

New loaded electric board??? Hmmmm…..

Posted by Chris Muenzer on Wednesday, July 3, 2019

If you’re itching to see what the specs likely will be, you can check out the Unlimited Cruiser Kit and Unlimited R Kit specs, which appears to be what the Loaded partnership will be based on:

Unlimited Cruiser Kit Specifications

Basic Specs
Price$ 999
Top Speed 22 mph
Maximum Range 13 mi
Maximum Hill Grade 16 %
Unlimited Cruiser Kit Full Specifications

Unlimited R Kit Specifications

Basic Specs
Price$ 1149
Top Speed 26 mph
Maximum Range 13 mi
Maximum Hill Grade 36 %
Unlimited R Kit Full Specifications

Anyhow, we’re looking forward to the official announcement next week.