What is the best first electric skateboard?

There are a lot of electric skateboards on the market, from the beastly Kaly.NYC XL50+ to the Apple-esque Boosted Stealth to the budget Meepo V3. But which one is the best first electric skateboard for someone that’s new to the sport?

Meepo V3: Your First Electric Skateboard, on a Budget

If you’re not sure if you’re going to get into electric skateboarding, it might be good to start out small. There’s several electric skateboard brands out of China that make great boards for first-timers, including Meepo.

The Meepo V3 is a budget skateboard with hub motors (what’s a hub motor? We have an answer for that). It’s quiet, cheap, and a good starter board. It won’t wow your friends with insane torque or blow away cars in the city streets, but it’s a good taste for what electric skateboarding is like and will have you wanting more.

Meepo V3 Specifications

Basic Specs
Price $ 469
Top Speed 29 mph
Maximum Range 11 mi
Maximum Hill Grade 30 %
Weight 16 lbs
Meepo V3 Full Specifications

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Boosted Plus: Quality Engineering with Amazing Customer Service

Remember how I called the Boosted Stealth “Apple-esque?” The same applies to the Boosted Plus, which is a great starter board with impeccable quality and great support, just like Apple products. The Boosted Plus is slightly slower in top speed and acceleration than the Boosted Stealth, but is also less expensive.

It still has a plenty high top speed of 22 mph and fantastic torque, but the best part of the Boosted series of boards has to be their engineering and customer service.

There’s a reason Boosted is one of the top names in the game, and why I have one personally: if you ever have an issue with their boards, US-based customer service will work with you to troubleshoot and fix your board. But generally, Boosted Boards go for thousands of miles without needing any significant repairs, so even though the Plus is a fantastic starter board it can also be the board you keep for years.

Boosted Plus Specifications

Basic Specs
Price $ 1398.99
Top Speed 22 mph
Maximum Range 14 mi
Maximum Hill Grade 25 %
Weight 17 lbs
Boosted Plus Full Specifications

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Boosted Stealth: Boosted Quality, but Faster

The Boosted Stealth is the highest end board available from Boosted today. Everything I said about the Boosted Plus– including the quality engineering and customer support– applies to the Stealth. But, the Stealth has an even higher top speed of 24 mph and a 5th acceleration mode named “Hyper.”

Boosted Stealth Specifications

Basic Specs
Price $ 1599
Top Speed 24 mph
Maximum Range 14 mi
Maximum Hill Grade 25 %
Weight 17 lbs
Boosted Stealth Full Specifications

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If none of these boards fit what you’re looking for, you can always search through our highly comprehensive electric skateboard database. There, you can filter by things like the board’s top speed and price, as well as features such as the type of drivetrain and integrated lights.