Best Headlamps for Your Electric Skateboard or E-Scooter

When you’re riding out at night, it’s good to use a headlamp so that you can see where you’re going. Some people like to use handheld flashlights so they can point the light where ever they want, but I prefer to use a headlamp for hands free operation. I just put the strap over my helmet, and the elastic keeps it in place even while I carve hard.

Headlamps are also perfect for electric scooter riders since you need to be holding onto your scooter’s handlebars with two hands most of the time.

ArmyTek Wizard Pro v3 Headlamp

Like one of our picks for the best handheld flashlight for electric skateboard use, ArmyTek’s Wizard Pro v3 is a respectably bright and durable light. In fact, the Wizard Pro v3 can be detached from it’s headlamp holster to become a handheld flashlight.

The Wizard Pro v3 uses a re-chargeable 18650 Li-Ion battery, but this model also uses a magnetic charging connector for convenience. This light has a 2300 lumen output.

Prices start at $90.

Colbiz Headlamp

On the cheaper side of the spectrum is the Colbiz LED Headlamp with 600 lumens of output. Though significantly less powerful than the ArmyTek Wizard Pro v3, the Colbiz is cheap and easy to come by.

Prices start at $30.

Zebralight H600Fd Mk IV 18650 XHP50.2 Floody

The Zebralight H600Fd Mk IV 18650 XHP50.2 Floody (whew, what a name) is highly recommended and has a very similar body style to the ArmyTek Wizard Pro v3.

As with many flashlights, the Zebralight uses a 18650 Li-Ion battery.

Prices start at $90.